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It is with sultry smoothness that Jadefly & The Pollinators share a laid back energy that feels familiar and truthful. The music itself reflects life in its rawest form by boldly speaking of love entanglements, freedom of self-pleasure, and that special feeling of bliss when love is new; their sound is soulfully drawn out and colored with subtle rock undertones.


Jadefly & The Pollinators has conceptualized a musical eco-system that breathes melodies of jazz, rock and soul into every day living. Collectively the band pollinates their audience by creating a vibration that becomes a frequency for fans to simply get down and have a good time too.


On their most recent project TWENTY.SIXTEEN Jadefly, lead vocalist, songwriter, and producer, teams with Edwin Casapao, bassist, producer and sound engineer to expound upon their expression for music. Although their artistic influences are not necessarily the same, when you hear the the music they make and experience their live performances you know they are in complete alignment with each other.


With the addition of Nick Hughes on guitar and Donnie Vielman on drums, Jadefly & The Pollinators has locked into their sound and is making their presence known on the local Houston music scene.



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